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East Hampton 1_Oklahoma with Scalloped Diagonal Lattice Fence.jpg

Why Wood?

Security, Privacy, & Style

Wood fence provides everything you need from a fence while also blending in more naturally with the environment. While you may need to treat the fence to make it last longer, it's definitely worth the work.

Available in heights from 4'-6'

Some styles 7'-8'

Privacy Wood Selection

Cedar Stockade Fence.jpg
Spruce Stockade Fence
Malborough 3_Oklahoma Stepped Privacy Fence.jpg

Cedar Stockade

Spruce Stockade

Oklahoma Wood

Wood: Products

Picket Selection

South Carolina Spaced Dog Eared Picket Wood Fence.jpg
Wood Illinois Picket Fence

South Carolina

Illinois Picket

To view the full catalog, please use the link below.

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