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Why Wood?

Security, Privacy, & Style

Choose a wood fence for its unrivaled quality and natural beauty. Our high-quality spruce stockade and cedar wood fences bring a timeless charm to your property, blending harmoniously with the environment. Experience the durability and longevity that wood offers, ensuring a fence that can withstand the elements  while having a natural resistance to insects. With its classic appeal and versatile design, a wood fence adds a touch of elegance to any landscape. Discover the allure of a wood fence, where aesthetics meet durability, creating a truly captivating outdoor space. Elevate your property with our expert wood fence installations in Connecticut.

Available in heights from 4'-6'

Some styles 7'-8'

Privacy Wood Selection

Cedar Stockade Fence.jpg
Spruce Stockade Fence
Malborough 3_Oklahoma Stepped Privacy Fence.jpg

Cedar Stockade

Spruce Stockade

Oklahoma Wood

Wood: Products

Picket Selection

South Carolina Spaced Dog Eared Picket Wood Fence.jpg
Wood Illinois Picket Fence

South Carolina

Illinois Picket

To view the full catalog, please use the link below.

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