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Wooden Fence Maintenance Tips

Updated: Jul 11, 2023

Wooden fence maintenance is crucial in getting the most out of your home’s wooden fence.

In spite of the lack of maintenance and cost savings offered by low-maintenance options like vinyl and aluminum, wooden fences remain a stylish option that performs well on a budget.

Despite its strength and durability, wood is a natural product. Years spent in the wind, rain, and snow all take their toll. However, with the right wood fence maintenance, you can pause the clock, keeping your fence strong and stylish like when it was new.

Here are the six pieces of wooden fence upkeep any homeowner can do to extend the lifespan.

  • Get rid of mold

  • Cut away any spots of rot

  • Repair loose pickets

  • Look for any sharp objects

  • Clear away leaves from your fence

  • Seal it with waterproof material

Are you feeling more confident about getting the fence you need? We’re here to help. If you need a fence repair, please get in touch with us. In case of damage, we'll assess it and let you know what we can do to help.

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