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How to Maintain and Increase the Life of Your Fence?

Updated: Jul 21, 2023

Fence Installation
Wood Oklahoma Privacy Fence

Fences are a great tool for barriers and keeping out unwanted visitors or animals. A well-maintained fence is worth the investment for the property. It can add value, protection, and sophistication to your home. It’s important to learn how to keep them maintained and care for your investment. Cleaning the fences will ensure a long life span and definitely get the money’s worth.

Keep it Clean

The most important thing is not to get it too dirty. You can clean it once or twice a year. Consider removing all various environmental factors that can damage it. For wood, let it soak for a few hours with soap and water. Use a cleaning brush or a pressure washer that should be gauged at 1500-2000 psi. Move about 2-3 feet away when you power wash.

Don’t Forget the Preventive Measures

Make sure any bushes or vines are not weighing down the fence as they can cause damage and create moisture in the fence. Keep away the sprinklers that may cause discoloration in the wood. Avoid any extra moisture to prevent it rot.

Early Detection

Every few months inspect the fence. Check for any loose nails and hammer them back. Look for any rotten, broken pieces that may need replacing. Is there any damage caused by nature? Make sure that the posts are securely attached to the ground.

Know When to Paint

After a storm or rain, check the fence. When the water is absorbed by the wood, you might need to consider painting it. It’s important to clean it thoroughly, and allow the fence to dry completely.

If there is any damage or any dirt can’t be scrubbed, you may need a replacement. At Fence Appeal, our professionals will install a fence that you’ll love. Call us at 860.500.7030 for a free fence installation and repairs estimate.

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